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A Day Excursion in Bukhara from a Local Guide

22 Feb 2022   author: Chica

Bukhara is perhaps the only city in Uzbekistan where the atmosphere of antiquity is best felt. The city is almost 3000 years old, and if you know the routes, you can find the heritage of every era on its streets. I will guide you along these paths and tell you the most important things about the past and present of Bukhara, so that its history will form an understandable picture, and buildings and monuments will make sense. Sacred, golden, noble Bukhara - our city was awarded with such epithets, and on my tour you will understand why.

Bukhara views
Bukhara views

Program of the excursion

We will walk through the old part of the city, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you will not only get acquainted with outstanding architectural monuments, but also feel the atmosphere of past eras.

I will tell you the story in simple language, briefly and interestingly, with legends and humor. You will learn about the key events of Bukhara's history, heritage of different dynasties, about the brisk trade along the Great Silk Road and about the development of the city over centuries.

You will also experience the real modern life of the city - do exactly what locals do, engage in professions and crafts that exist now, learn about the economy, education, rich cuisine and colorful traditions of Bukhara.

In mosques and madrasahs, I will tell you about the features and traditions of the religions that are present in Uzbekistan.

While attending large and colorful bazaars of the city, you will be able to imagine how trade was organized in ancient times, find out what kind of merchants were coming to Bukhara, who were money changers and what merchants sell now.

In addition to iconic sights, I will show you unique monuments off the tourist trails, such as abandoned mosques that still have preserved ancient interiors.

In this way, you will get to know the city and its inhabitants, admire the richness of the open-air monuments, and gain a better understanding of the vibrant culture of Uzbekistan and all of Central Asia. Welcome to Bukhara!


  • Mausoleum of the Samanids
  • Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum (Job's Well)
  • Mosque Bolo-Khauz
  • Fortress Ark
  • Poi Kalon Complex
  • Ulugbek Madrasah
  • Abdullaziz-Khan Madrasah
  • Covered bazaars: Tok-i Zargaron, Tim Abdulla Khan, Tok-i Telpak Furushon, Tok-i Sarrafon
  • Magoki Attari Mosque
  • Ensemble Lyabi-Khauz
  • Chor-Minor Madrasah

Organizational details

Additional costs: entrance tickets to some objects - about $ 7 per person. For everyone, I can also arrange master classes in cooking Uzbek pilaf or weaving traditional carpets.

Meeting point
The meeting point is agreed with the guide, you can discuss it when ordering an excursion.

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