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Acquisition of real estate in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia

22 Feb 2022   author: Chica

After the crisis, the value of real estate remained at a fairly low level, which made investing in real estate in Tallinn a very profitable project in the long run.

At the moment, real estate prices are almost equal to the cost of construction, so the decision to buy real estate in Tallinn needs to be made fast. Analysts predict a price increase of 20-25% in the near future. Due to such a sharp decline in real estate prices in Tallinn, the Estonian government was forced to give permission to sell real estate in Tallinn to foreign citizens.

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia
Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia

Tallinn is a very beautiful city. The harmony of old and new is especially attractive: the unsurpassed beauty of the historical center of this city is adjacent to modern residential buildings and complexes.

Far from every city in Europe will be able to meet such harmony between ancient buildings and later buildings. It is also worth noting the fact that Tallinn is the largest port center in the Baltics, however, industrialism is not felt in it at all, since the general development is well thought out.

During the last decade, Tallinn has developed rapidly, which made this city capable of competing with the most beautiful modern cities in Europe. Extremely active economic, financial and business activities are accommodated in one of the coziest and quietest resort towns. During the highest construction activity in the city in 2005-2007, Tallinn was purposefully built up and planned in a very even and thoughtful manner.

The appearance of modern Tallinn is a harmonious combination of Gothic architecture, urbanized business centers and modern residential cottages located in the coastal zone. Competent building and thoughtful rational reconstruction of this city and the creation of new residential areas near the port make the city more attractive, and living becomes more convenient and comfortable for its citizens.

It is very convenient to move around Tallinn - all this is due to the fact that the city is very competently planned and built and has a well-developed infrastructure, as well as a very well-thought-out transport system.

The average speed of road traffic here is about fifty kilometers per hour, but thanks to a highly organized traffic scheme, any place in the city can be reached in at most thirty minutes. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of the roads, which are made taking into account the highest level of traffic safety.

The public transport network is so highly developed that it will not be difficult to get to the most remote urban areas, yet the most popular areas are so close to the central part of the city that it is quite possible to get there on foot, spending only 10-15 minutes.

The life in this city, despite the fact that it is very modern and developed in terms of business, is leisurely and comfortable. The central part of the city is conducive to walking and visiting small and cozy restaurants and cafes. A large number of pensioners and couples with children live in this city.

Residential neighborhoods are in no way inferior to the center in their attractiveness; it is noteworthy that such quarters are located in close proximity to forest park areas, and it is also important that private houses and multi-storey buildings are located next to each other. Tallinn is considered to be one of the safest cities to live in Europe.

All property owners in the country are automatically given a "bonus" in the form of Schengen visa.

The construction of economy-class residential spaces is well developed in the city. The indisputable advantages of such housing can be seen in the highest quality of materials being used for the construction and a convenient and comfortable layout of living spaces. The fast pace of construction and the best price-quality ratio characterize the traditional European standard used in construction in Tallinn. Also, a significant and undoubted advantage of the new Tallinn real estate is that the housing is maximally prepared for living already at the stage when it is purchased. When purchasing real estate, you can immediately move in without doing any additional work, since the cost of interior decoration is already included in the final cost of the apartment itself.

New housing can be bought with ready wiring, painted rooms and installed plumbing equipment.

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